The stone is a natural material and therefore is so well-liked to finish applications in homes and apartments. The interiors of the increasingly popular form is a granite stone. There are more and more innovative ideas on this material, for example. Granite or marble bathtubs and sinks. The most popular usually use for flooring or kitchen countertops. The stone wall can be done over a kitchen counter, a wall in the living room or fireplace.
Combination of wood and stone creates a very successful composition. It is natural and contrasting statement: wood associated with something warm and stone from the cold, elegance and durability. Granite stone looks good example: against the smooth, bright wall, which is slightly covering the same material used gives us an unusual glow. Granite and marble are non-combustible materials and a long time to heat up, which means that it can be used in the vicinity of gas cookers. This fact gives us the possibility of leaving a hot pot or pan directly on the kitchen counter.

Thanks to its durability and resilience, many of us more and more can be convinced to use granite stone in a variety of construction projects. Another of the advantages of the hardness and structure of granite, you can cut it without worries with a sharp knife, smash the chops, and the prior impregnation prevent from spills and stains.
The color palette that nature provides us is unlimited, which makes the granite and marble stone is indispensable in any kitchen and bathroom. Rank span granite stone applications in everyday life is unlimited, so that gives us an advantage over any other building material. Functionality and a feeling of luxury, which gives us a granite stone makes more and more people use it in their


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Stone cooled and heated

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In our company we use only the most modern and high-end devices. We have facilities for water jet cutting, laser scanners and heads-ups.


We make all actions in the best possible development of the stone industry, including the warm welcome to cooperate with the company Cuisines granite.

Our positive attitude to any suggestions from your side will help in the development of a wide stone industry.

EU project

We are pleased to announce that this project financed by the European Union and the State Budget. Through this project we get funding to purchase the latest equipment for processing stone. The result will offer you new products.

Project title: "Decorative and functional products stone system temperature stabilization"

The total value of the project: 1 078 771,50 zł
The contribution of the European Union: 508 689,00 zł
The "decorative and utility products stone with temperature stabilization system" is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget within the Regional Operational Programme for Lower Silesia Province for 2007-2013

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